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Stephen Aumock shows
a young NRA Sniper,
Reagan Tyler how putting
is similar to shooting.

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Revolutionize your swing with
Stephen Aumock's secrets
to a consistent swing.

Six Steps to Junior Golf Greatness.
Playing for a College Scholarship and Beyond.

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The Golf Swing
By: Stephen Aumock

The Golf Swing- Six Steps To Your Best Swing, will simplify your swing and give you a new level of confidence. In his book, Stephen will share his time-tested principles for producing consistently high-quality golf shots.

Speaking Engagements and Golf Clinics

Stephen conducts many corporate clinics throughout the year at Gleneagles Country Club and at PGA events including the Master’s Tournament. He is also organizes “Improvement Get-A-Ways” at some of the nations best golf resorts.

“I have spent my entire life cut through all of the golf instruction noise to provide you with an easy-to-follow, effective way to take your game to a whole new level. From ball-striking to target selection, green-reading to trouble shots, I will guide you along a path to complete transformation”.


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